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Dear parents, teenagers and children,

Welcome to our office’s homepage!

Paediatricians Dr. Claudia Hille and Josef Schlichtmann are very pleased to welcome you to the website of the paediatric group practice in Ennigerloh.

We treat newborn babies and infants, toddlers, children and teenagers to the age of 18. Our team consists of a female and a male paediatrician. We provide medical care for all acute and chronic illnesses and also carry out all check-up examinations and vaccinations.
As we have additional qualifications in paediatric pneumology, allergology and paediatric gastroenterology, we can offer special diagnostics and therapy for respiratory and gastro-intestinal disorders. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding psychosomatic problems or your child’s development, we will be happy to advise you.

On this website you will find information about our services and our contact details.

We look forward to welcoming families from many different countries and cultures. Members of our team speak not only German and English, but also Arabic, Russian and Italian.

Your Paediatricians and team

Hurray – a baby!

For many parents, the U3 check-up is the first time they come into contact with the paediatric practice. We would be happy to accompany you and your newborn baby throughout infancy and would like to take plenty of time for this examination in particular. In the U3 check-up your baby is examined thoroughly and we can deal with any questions you may have regarding nutrition, breast-feeding and the upcoming vaccinations.
Informing parents about vaccinations is a matter close to our heart. Vaccinations are a way to prevent serious, threatening diseases. We will provide all the details you need about the vaccination schedule and the diseases.
Immediately after the U3 check-up we examine your child’s maturity and the stability of his/her hip using the ultrasonic device.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Appointments and clinics

We have reserved surgery hours especially for acute illnesses. Important: to keep waiting times to a minimum, please ring in advance to make an appointment (from 8 am daily) – even in the case of an acute illness. And please be aware that we will very probably only be able to discuss the one illness during this appointment.

When it comes to more complex issues, chronic or multiple illnesses, we would like to be able to take more time. So we would ask you to pre-book an appointment.

Our additional specialist medical qualifications enable us to provide an extended range of diagnostics and therapies.
As a paediatric pneumologist and allergologist Dr Hille offers special clinics for all aspects of respiratory disorders. We are a leading practice for asthma and allergology in children and adolescents and routinely carry out special lung function diagnostics (body phlethysmography – whole-lung function – physical performance test) and advanced allergy diagnostics.
Mr Schlichtmann is a paediatric gastroenterologist and offers clinics for questions concerning chronic stomach pain and chronic gastro-intestinal disorders. We routinely carry out special diagnostics such as the hydrogen breath test for lactose and fructose intolerance.

If you would like more than one child to be treated in a single appointment, please always let us know in advance, both for acute and pre-booked appointments.

In our check-up examinations we assess your child’s development and, depending on their age, test their eyesight and hearing. In addition, from the age of six months onwards, we offer special vision screening using the Plusoptix device.

Our clinic for teenagers

On Thursdays we have a special clinic for teenagers in the late afternoon. At this stage of your life, you may have questions or problems associated with growing up. We would like to allow plenty of time for dealing with these in this clinic.

You are welcome to come without your parents, if that is what you prefer.
The J1 and J2 check-ups and the examination related to child labour protection law can also be carried out in this clinic.


We look forward to seeing you!